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November 15, 2012
November 15, 2012
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Adventure Time OC: Prince Mint by missyalissy Adventure Time OC: Prince Mint by missyalissy
I've been wanting to introduce this character for a LONG time :D

The Eastern Candy Kingdom is located in a small country an ocean away from Ooo where the candy subjects resemble delicious European treats and is home to Prince Matthias Mint, a smart, friendly, and generous young man..he is also a skilled swordsman and is willing to defend his kingdom with his life..he is quite the charmer as well but there is only one girl who he has his heart set for...

Since they were both very young, Mint and Bubblegum have visited each other several times a year and have become the best of friends..over the last few years however they have not been able to see each other as much because of their royal duties..but hopefully on his next visit that will all change..not only is Bubblegum his dearest friend but she is also his betrothed and he couldnt love anyone better :heart:

I came up with him months ago and now hes finally up on dA..i figured Bubblegum could use a handsome prince in her life (and he has a British accent ;))..i dont think the Ice King would be to thrilled though lol

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Adventure Time(c) :iconpenwardplz:
Prince Mint(c) Me
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((Daww >w< It could work, though I suppose Finn would still be a little sad inside. Ah heck, this ship is too cute. He'll get over it. >w<))
Finn would be a little jealous at first and have his suspicions but he and Mint would end up as friends :)...and yes it is a cute ship :love:
Aww yeah, I need to draw this man~
Permission to fangirl?))
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